10 tips for a first trip

Are you planning to go on your very first trip? You think you’re ready, but are you really? Check out our 10 tips to leave with peace of mind!

Think about your papers

If you are going abroad, you will have to check your papers. With a simple identity card, you can travel anywhere in Europe and in the French overseas departments and territories. Elsewhere, you will need to have your passport with you. Nearly 170 countries are accessible without a visa, which will allow you to travel without complicating your life. Otherwise, remember to complete the formalities beforehand.

Leave at the right time

Here, we don’t talk about the weather but about the climate. Indeed, if you are planning a faraway destination, make sure not to disembark in the middle of the rainy season, for example! Choosing the right time will also allow you to take advantage of special local events such as festivals.
Define your budget carefully

To define your budget, take stock of the cost of living (food, transportation, accommodation) and all the extras (visits, restaurants, local souvenirs) and determine exactly how much you are willing to pay.

Find out how to manage your money

If you are going abroad, find out the currency used and the exchange rate, if necessary. Knowing whether you will be able to withdraw from ATMs or use your bank card without too much extra charge is also important.

Find out about activities and visits

Check out blogs, websites or travel books before you fly to your destination. This will allow you to get into the mood, at first, but also to take stock of the must-see visits. It’s only a step from there to concocting a personalized program! Knowing the activities to do and the must-see visits will also allow you to determine precisely the ideal duration of your trips.
Choose your accommodation in advance
Unless you’re the kind of person who improvises on a day-to-day basis, it’s in your best interest to choose your accommodation(s) in advance, if only to keep your budget under control. The earlier you start, the more choices you will have and the more you will have the opportunity to control your budget.

On the health side

Not all countries have the same advantages in terms of health and hospitals, but rest assured: if you are ill or have an accident during your vacation, you will always find a way to get treatment. Some will choose to purchase travel health insurance. In all cases, it is important to get all the necessary vaccinations for your trip (recommended in underdeveloped or high-risk countries).

Pack your bag in advance

This will allow you to take stock of the superfluous and the essential. During a first trip, one often tends to want to take more than necessary, whereas in general, it is enough to adapt to one’s destination and the planned program to make the right choice.

Smartphone and package

Not all packages allow you to call and connect to WiFi when you are abroad, so don’t forget to check with your operator!
Languages and key phrases
Once again, if you are going abroad, learn a few words and phrases to help you cope on a daily basis.

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