How to choose your online bank?

People’s attachment to traditional banks is getting weaker and weaker. Many realize that there are many advantages to choosing an online bank. However, even after opting for online banking, one concern remains: How to choose online banking? Even though many online banks offer similar services and offers, it is essential to know certain criteria in order to make the best choice. To this end, here are some excellent ideas to help you make an informed choice.

Take your profile into account

To choose the right online bank for you, you need to consider your profile. For example, the choice of bank may vary depending on whether you are a student, a civil servant or a married person. For example, not all online banks are recommended for students. As for professionals, they are advised to have a personal bank account separate from their professional bank account to avoid false tax declarations related to professional activities. In addition to the profile, you should also consider your needs and plans.

Choose according to your stability

Some customers are often between planes. They often cross the borders of United states and the European continent for professional or tourist reasons. The choice of online banking must take this parameter into account. Indeed, it is advised to the customer who travels often to prefer a bank with a top-of-the-range bank card. The said card offers several advantages to the traveler.

Choose according to whether you are often overdrawn or not

In United states, many people are often out in the open. It is therefore necessary to know how online banking works to be able to make the best choice. The individual who has an account that is often overdrawn must prefer a bank that doesn’t charge a lot of fees. While Monabanq offers an authorized overdraft rate of 7.20%, other online banks offer 8%. With regard to the authorized overdraft, it is then easy to make a choice. But when it comes to unauthorized overdraft, ING Direct bank is the right choice, as it offers a rate of 14% while the others offer 16%. Among other things, you need a low overdraft rate, no intervention commission, no newsletter… The Boursorama bank in this matter offers some rather interesting offers.

Choosing in consideration of your bank card

The various fees vary from one bank to another depending on the type of card required. High-end banks such as ING offer a Gold card free of charge from the outset. It is essential for the customer to make a comparison of the offers beforehand in order to make the best choice. Most banks require as a minimum income 1000 (Usd) to offer a classic Visa card while the minimum is set at 1200 (Usd) in some banks. The same requirement follows the customer who wants to benefit from a deferred debit. In addition, insurance for theft of the means of payment must be considered in the choice of the bank. The choice of the bank card is also determined by the use that one wants to make of it. You can benefit from another card free of charge with the opening of a joint account. The use inside or outside the European Union is also taken into account.

Choose your online bank after consulting a comparator.

Today, there are many online banks and each of them offers specific services. Each online bank has a fee schedule that must be taken into account when making a choice. Thanks to online banking comparators, this task has become easy to accomplish. Instead of going to each bank’s website to make a comparison that could be tedious, you simply consult the comparator and that’s it.
Other criteria to consider when choosing your online bank

Apart from the consideration of the customer’s profile, the frequency of travel, the frequency of bank overdrafts and the type of bank card, many other criteria can guide the customer in his choice. We can note among others :

• The client’s desire to save;
• The desire to have a dedicated bank advisor;
• The consideration of the customer’s internet support;
• Consideration of the client’s income.

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