How to save for travel: our 10 tips and tricks!

It is not always easy to save money, especially with the cost of daily living (housing, food, car…). But when you have a dream to travel, a dream to realize, you can find solutions to save money. Of course this requires some concessions: we do not say that we should stop living, but we must keep a budget and limit ourselves to essential expenses. So how can you save money for traveling? Here are our 10 tips and tricks.

1/ Saving for travel: putting money aside

That’s the basis: to save up for travel, you have to put some of the money you earn aside. Then it’s up to you the beautiful “piggy bank”… What don’t you like ?! You can always opt for a bank account dedicated to this future trip. The best is to open it on an online bank, which will not make you pay unnecessary fees…
For example, if you set aside 1 € each day, that makes you 7 € at the end of the week and about 30 € at the end of the month. We agree, you’ll have to put a bigger sum aside to go on a trip but it’s already a start!
Good us in the kind piggy bank, we like the living piggy bank :

2/ To avoid the superfluous expenses

Yes there are. We can mention home deliveries (meals or purchases), candy (plus it’s not good!), the latest fashionable clothing, the Netflix subscription (ha no, we don’t touch it!)… In short, all the little things that are not essential to you and all those that will help you save money for traveling. Learn how to say no!

3/ Limit secondary activities

Of course, you shouldn’t forbid everything, but by limiting “secondary” cultural and sports activities, your wallet will say thank you! For example, we reduce the weekly cinema screenings. Or we stop lying to ourselves and cancel the subscription to the gym! Favour the free events (concerts, museum visits…) proposed by your city and look for good deals.

4/ Resell the unused

Another solution is to sell the objects or clothes you no longer use! Take a look in your garage, your cellar, your attic, your wardrobe… You are bound to find things you haven’t used for years. In 3 words: sell the superfluous! Use dedicated platforms such as Le Bon Coin, Facebook (the Market Place) or Vinted (for your clothes in particular).

5/ We say stop the consumer society…

The permanent purchase, oriented by the incessant advertising that surrounds us, the over-consumption… It is the evil of our current society. We consume too much. So to be able to save money for traveling, we don’t buy the latest iPhone equivalent to a minimum wage or the latest full option computer. Favour second life objects, reconditioned equipment (Backmarket for example) or also take advantage of sales periods to acquire new things at a lower cost.

6/ …and we make “home-made”!

Even if you have to reduce with the mass consumption, forget the morning coffee at Starbucks, the “after-work” pint of every day (yes we know, concessions are hard!) or even the MacDonald’s swallowed up in 5 minutes. Even if you have to save up to travel, take the opportunity to make your own coffee and meals.

7/ Recycle and transform

Who said that objects don’t have the right to a second life?! Recycling and processing can be very practical. This is perfectly illustrated in the vanlife with the fitting out of a van/van or even the purchase of second-hand goods. Indeed, what could be more economical than transforming unused furniture to adapt it to life in a van, recovering materials to create your furniture, recovering mattresses, box springs… In short, recycling is ideal to save money for traveling.

8/ Work more to… save more!

If you wish, you can always find an extra-job to supplement your income and thus put more money aside. Everybody knows baby-sitting but do you know pet-sitting or bnb-sitting?! The first one consists in keeping or walking pets (Animalin or Animaute) and the second one is a personalized concierge service. For example, some owners rent out their accommodation but don’t want to bother with cleaning, reception… you have the job of bnbsitter! Surf also on the collaborative economy. Rent your equipment (surfboard, paddle, mojito machine…) or your services but also find a small job thanks to the community. The Youpijob website allows you to find small jobs for home services, between individuals (gardening, DIY, moving, IT…) !

9/ Before leaving on a trip: watch the prices

If you have to take a plane, a boat, a train or a super rocket, remember to keep an eye on the ticket prices! Sites such as Kayak or Skyscanner can help you compare ticket prices, especially according to the period. Favour the low season (depending on your destination).

10 / Save even when traveling

In the middle of your trip, you can continue to save money, especially if you’ve embarked on a world tour! From accommodation (camping, home stay, woofing…) to food (eat local!) and activities (find out about free museums for example), there are many ways to travel while saving a little money.

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